At Elopements, Inc., we are dedicated to discovering exceptional and exclusive elopement venues. When couples like Ariel and Brookelyn share their perfect experience on their special day, it truly warms our hearts and tells us we are getting it right!

Spring Haven Mansion stands out as an exceptionally distinctive venue, blending dreamy romanticism with a fascinating historical narrative. What more could you ask for? If marrying at the former residence of President Andrew Jackson’s close friend and physician isn’t intriguing enough, the fact that the 2008 Country Weekly Magazine photo-shoot with Taylor Swift was photographed there usually sparks the interest of couples! Another interesting fact: The residence of the legendary Johnny Cash is just a few miles away!

Let’s find out how these lovebirds crossed paths and why they decided to elope!

Names: Ariel and Brookelyn Soto
Destination: Nashville, TN
Package: Spring Haven Mansion 2 Hour

Where are you from? 

Ariel was born in Massachusetts and Brookelyn was born in Indiana, however both of our military careers have had us all over the US!

How did the two of you meet? 

We met at work. It’s quite cheesy but romantic as Ariel is a special agent and I (Brookelyn) am a criminal analyst. Lots of surveillance and case work made us finally declare our attraction towards one another, which given that we are both private, reserved individuals, made it take longer than most! It was honestly history from there! We have been inseparable since whether it be at home or at work.  

Tell us your proposal story! 

Ariel tried to propose on a special kid free trip to a friend’s wedding out of state. One of our babies got super sick and we just couldn’t leave her. Somehow Ariel was blessed with the patience to wait an entire month later to propose at a botanical garden, where he had visited and found the perfect bridge to get on the knee! It was perfect!

What made you want to elope? 

We were both in agreement that we just wanted to be married and to splurge on our children and their experiences, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to not have something special for our kids. Our kids, 4 total, were dreaming of our wedding and it was one where they were all included. It felt more like it was ALL of our wedding and that’s exactly what we wanted. Something intimate, sweet, and romantic that our children will never forget. 

How did you decide what destination/location you wanted to elope too? 

When researching elopement locations and companies, Elopements, Inc. had the best reviews and eye catching venues. This venue in particular made my heart flutter and I loved how whimsical yet romantic it felt. Once I booked the venue, I soon realized that Taylor Swift herself had a photo shoot at the mansion in 2008. As a house full of major Swifties, I immediately knew why I felt the flutters!

What made you choose Elopements, Inc? 

Elopements, Inc. was the predominate company during my search and had the most appealing venues and bundles. The package we choose was perfect for us, and we didn’t have to lift a single finger. The thought that w just had to get ourselves ready and simply show up was appealing considering how busy we are with our kids. And when you look at the images from the photographer, you would think our wedding was customized and much more expensive than what it was! 

What was your favorite part of your wedding day? 

My favorite part was walking the isle and seeing everything come together. We didn’t know what to expect with how little we needed to plan and prepare, but I was immediately relieved to see how lovely and perfect everything turned out!

Is there any advice you would give to other couples considering eloping?

I would 100% say that the elopement ceremony we had kept us from causing unnecessary stress and debt and allowed us the flexibility to bless our children with experiences they prayed for! There was no compromise either, we had a beautiful ceremony and the most gorgeous photos to look back on. If anyone is struggling on the decision of an elopement or a full blown wedding ceremony, this felt no different to us or our 25 guests!!

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