Legally Wedded: Elopement Marriage License Requirements

Before you say “I do” during your elopement, obtaining a marriage license is crucial. To ensure a smooth and stress-free ceremony, plan this first step and make sure you have all the necessary documents ready.

In this blog, we’ll list the documents you’ll need for eloping in Tennessee.

What You’ll Need for Your Marriage License

While requirements might differ slightly given the state you’re in, here’s a general rundown of what you’ll need for your marriage license for elopement:

  • Valid Photo ID: Government-issued ID like a driver’s license or passport is a must.
  • Social Security Numbers (Optional): Some states may require them, but not all. Check your specific county’s guidelines.
  • Proof of Age: A birth certificate usually suffices. You must be 18 years or older. 16 and 17-year-olds may need parental consent to get married.
  • Application Fee: The cost varies by location. However, it’s typically $100 or under. In Tennessee, you can head down to the county clerk’s office, show your ID, pay the fee, have the license on the spot, and head to your elopement venue without delay.

Where and When to Apply?

Head to your local county clerk’s office. Most counties allow you to apply in person, but some offer online applications. Check your county’s website for details. There’s usually no waiting period to apply, but some states have a waiting period before the license becomes valid for your ceremony.

You can check in with your elopement planning firm to see if they assist with the marriage license. It’ll allow you to skip the hassle of doing it all yourself and have professional support to prepare for your big day.

Witness Requirements

While you exchange vows with your love, you’ll also need witnesses to sign the marriage license for elopement. The number of required witnesses varies by state:

  • One Witness: This is common in many states.
  • Two Witnesses: Some states require two.
  • No Witnesses: A few states, like Florida and Tennessee, don’t require witnesses at all. The legal officiant is enough.

Marriage License for ElopementAnd Post-Ceremony Procedures

Once you’ve eloped and said “I do,” don’t forget to return the signed marriage license for elopement to the county clerk’s office within the designated timeframe (usually 30-60 days). This ensures your marriage is officially recorded.

Let Elopements Inc. Handle the Hassle

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